Steve Phillips, Author Of Brown Is the New White: How The Demographic Revolution Has Created A New American Majority Chats On

Click Here To Listen Steve Phillips-Brown Is The New White The New York Times and Washington Post bestseller that sparked a national conversation about America’s new progressive, multiracial majority, updated to include data from the 2016 election With a new preface and afterword by the author When it first appeared in the lead-up to the 2016 election, Brown Is the New White helped spark a national discussion of race and electoral politics and the often-misdirected spending priorities of the Democratic party. This “slim yet jam-packed call to action” (Booklist) contained a “detailed, data-driven illustration of the rapidly increasing number of racial minorities in America” (NBC News) and their significance in shaping our political future. Completely [...]

Cass R. Sunstein, Editor Of Can It Happen Here?: Authoritarianism in America Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Cass Sunstein Can It Happen Here With the election of Donald J. Trump, many people on both the left and right feared that America's 240-year-old grand experiment in democracy was coming to an end, and that Sinclair Lewis' satirical novel, It Can't Happen Here, written during the dark days of the 1930s, could finally be coming true. Is the democratic freedom that the United States symbolizes really secure? Can authoritarianism happen in America? Acclaimed legal scholar, Harvard Professor, and New York Times best-selling author Cass R. Sunstein queried a number of the nation's leading thinkers. In this thought-provoking collection of essays, these distinguished thinkers and theorists explore the lessons of history, [...]

Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Author Of Our Damaged Democracy: We the People Must Act Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Joseph Califano-Our Damaged Democracy This authoritative and passionate primer on the three branches of government reveals the changes—political, cultural, constitutional, technological, institutional—that render our government completely dysfunctional, and the urgent need to fix our democracy before it’s too late. If you’ve been watching the news and worrying that our democracy no longer works, this book will help you understand why you’re right. There is colossal concentration of power in the Presidency. Congress is crippled by partisanship and dependence on special interest money. The Supreme Court and many lower federal courts are riven by politics. Add politically fractured and fragile media, feckless campaign finance laws, rampant income and education inequality, and multicultural [...]

They Knew Lincoln Edited By Kate Masur Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Kate Masur Originally published in 1942 and now reprinted for the first time, They Knew Lincoln is a classic in African American history and Lincoln studies. Part memoir and part history, the book is an account of John E. Washington's childhood among African Americans in Washington, DC, and of the black people who knew or encountered Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. Washington recounted stories told by his grandmother's elderly friends--stories of escaping from slavery, meeting Lincoln in the Capitol, learning of the president's assassination, and hearing ghosts at Ford's Theatre. He also mined the US government archives and researched little-known figures in Lincoln's life, including William Johnson, who accompanied Lincoln from [...]

Real Talk With Dr. Valencia Campbell: A Big Win for Families-Paid Sick Leave in Maryland Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Dr Valencia Campbell-A Big Win for Families-Paid Sick Leave in Maryland

Professor Allan J. Lichtman, Author Of The Case For Impeachment Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Allan J. Lichtman NATIONAL BESTSELLER “Lichtman has written what may be the most important book of the year.” —The Hill "It is still striking to see the full argument unfold and realize that you don’t have to be a zealot to imagine some version of it happening. . . . Lies. Abuse of power. Treason. Crimes against humanity. Martial law. Lichtman throws everything Trump’s way." —Washington Post Published to coincide with the first anniversary of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration and updated with new material and a new introduction, a paperback edition of the critically acclaimed, national bestseller that makes the case for impeaching the 45th president of the United States In [...]

NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones

Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading African Americans Monchiere Holmes-Jones Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones is the Chief Brand Curator of MOJO Marketing + PR, a results-driven marketing professional seeking to energize brands of corporate marketing teams, small businesses, and women business owners across the South. Her dynamic 14 year career in marketing, pr, and brand campaigns consists of: innovative brand experiences, corporate marketing campaigns and campaign management, media planning, strategy, brand building and launches, event activation, community relations, strategic partnerships, and public relations experience. Specifically, in major industries like automotive, gaming, healthcare, higher education, tech, quick service restaurants. Her body of work and current clientele includes a range of big brands such as Hiller Plumbing [...]

NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Mariah L. Cole, J.D.

Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading African Americans Mariah Cole Mariah L. Cole, J.D. is an advocate for social justice and cares deeply about equitable policies that address the underlying causes of racial and ethnic disparities in health and economic status. As the Director of Program Management in the RWJF Center for Health Policy at Meharry Medical College, she administers a Certificate in Health Policy academic program, which primarily focuses on health disparities and health equity. In her role, she manages the day-to-day activities of the grant-funded Center and holds an Instructor appointment in the School of Graduate Studies and Research where she has taught a course highlighting the role of social determinants [...]

Real Talk With Dr. Valencia Campbell: Be An Informed Voter On Legalization Issues In Your State Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Dr Valencia Campbell-Be An Inforned Voter On Legalization Issues In Your State

NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Ashford Hughes, Sr.

Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading African Americans Ashford Hughes Ashford Hughes Sr., in November of 2015 was appointed by newly elected Mayor Megan Barry to serve in her administration as Senior Advisor to Workforce, Diversity and Inclusion through the Office of Economic and Community Development. In this role he seeks to engage, convene and lead in developing workforce strategies that connect residents with training opportunities that lead to career pathways to success. His portfolio is also focused on identifying disparities in city programs and services, and helping create ways for city departments to address these gaps. This role will also work with community groups and organizations to ensure equal access to city [...]