The GMO Deception: What You Need To Know About The Food, Corporations, And Government Agencies Putting Our Families And Our Environment At Risk By Sheldon Kirmsky chats with Dr. Alvin

Sheldon Kirmsky Click Here To Listen

Fresh Cooking: A Year Of Recipes From The Garrison Institute Kitchen By Shelley Boris chats with Dr. Alvin

Shelley Boris   Click Here To Listen Fresh Cooking is exactly what the home cook desires—a cookbook with range and flexibility that addresses seasonality, budget, and diverse diets and tastes. Built around meals Shelley Boris created for the Garrison Institute, a retreat center in New York's Hudson Valley, it contains thirty-six menus, with four to [...]

Discovery Channel: Deadliest Catch’s Jake Anderson, author of Relapse chats with Dr. Alvin

Jake Anderson Click Here To Listen A fourth generation fisherman, Jake Anderson grew up in the rich fishing environment of Anacortes, Washington. At age seventeen, Jake began salmon fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and by the age of twenty-five he was crab fishing in the heart of the Bering Sea. Soon after, Jake became a [...]

The Third Horseman: Climate Change And The Great Famine Of The 14th Century By William Rosen chats with Dr. Alvin

William Rosen Click Here To Listen In May 1315, it started to rain. It didn’t stop anywhere in north Europe until August. Next came the four coldest winters in a millennium. Two separate animal epidemics killed nearly 80 percent of northern Europe’s livestock. Wars between Scotland and England, France and Flanders, and two rival claimants [...]

American Fun: Four Centuries of Joyous Revolt By John Beckman chats with Dr. Alvin

John Beckman Click Here To Listen   From the time the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, Americans have defied their stodgy rules and hierarchies with pranks, dances, stunts, and wild parties, shaping the national character in profound and lasting ways. In the nation’s earlier eras, revelers flouted Puritans, Patriots pranked Redcoats, slaves lampooned masters, and [...]

The Ogallala Road By Julene Bair chats with Dr. Alvin

Julene Bair Click Here To Listen Julene Bair has inherited part of a farming empire and fallen in love with a rancher from Kansas’s beautiful Smoky Valley. She means to create a family, provide her son with the father he longs for, and preserve the Bair farm for the next generation, honoring her own father’s [...]