What People are Saying About DrAlvin.Com

“In the midst of a 20-city radio tour, I have come to one conclusion only: Some talk-show hosts are very smart and very eloquent. Not all, but some. (Some of them–horrors! — don’t even read the books before the interview!) Among the best radio talk-show hosts is Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones, who has interviewed some of the most provocative figures in modern American literature, sports, politics and entertainment…always with an eye toward messages we can all glean from their experiences.”

Ron Franscell-Author-Fall

“Dr. Alvin….being on your show is like talking to a friend. Your style is engaging, warm, intelligent and lively. Your kindness rings clearly through the radio waves. A special thanks for the opportunity and the exposure on your site.”

Dr. Karyl McBride-Author-Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

“I’ve been around media for a while…and you’ve at the top of my list.”

Harvey Hook-Author-The Power Of An Ordinary Life

“I truly appreciate the interview and your graciousness throughout. Great website. I am proud to occupy a small space on it for a time. I appreciate you and the work you are doing.”

David Limbaugh-Author-Bankrupt

“You’re the most prepared, most insightful interviewer on radio today”

Jeffrey J. Fox-Author-Secrets Of Great Rainmakers

“You are truly a kind and extraordinary thoughtful person. No wonder you are so successful! I’m very grateful to know you.”

Gail Blanche-Author-Between Trapezes