ponderations-bookDr. Alvin’s Book of Ponderations now available for sale! 700 expressions of wisdom in 31 chapters in hand made imported leather bound book. To get your first edition copy mail $49.95 to Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones 8800 Groton Court, Lanham, Maryland 20706.

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alvin-deskDr. Alvin’s refreshing pond of Ponderations are not the least big ponderous. It’s well worth the dive.” Jay Heinrichs Author of Thank You for Arguing and Word Hero

Don’t miss an opportunity to be the person you want to be. With the help of Dr. Alvin’s wisdom packed new book Dr. Alvin’s Book of Ponderations you will be challenged to live your life the way The Creator intended you to live. I appreciate Dr. Alvin, a good man with a big heart. You will savor the moments spent in his new book.”—Dr. Kevin Leman NY Times Bestselling Author of Have A New Kid By Friday.

Dr. Alvin’s Book of Ponderations is a gift rooted in wisdom and a certainty of what most matters in life.  You can read swiftly, or spend days thinking about a single Ponderation.  Inspiring and uplifting, this collection is meant to be read and reread.  It is food for the soul that soothes the heart!”—Vicki Hinze, Award-Winning Author of Not This Time

“Ponderations are the fountain of creative thinking and wisdom that flow so naturally from Dr. Alvin’s mind. Each Ponderation is rich and deep and reminds you what really matters in life. They are great as daily meditations to start the day. What a gift to us all”. —Carol Sanford, Award Winning Author of The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success, shortlistedby CNBC, “Best Business Read 2011″

Sometimes a spiritually uplifting book in prose can be weighty and heavy. But Dr. Alvin has the perfect antidote. It’s beautiful wisdom in bite-sized doses. His book of 700 ‘Ponderations,’–little kernels or gifts of thought–bring insight, inspiration, upliftment and awakenings to the willing and receptive mind. Transformation in a tidbit! Allow these musings to be a doorway to a new way of living. Thank you Dr. Alvin for sharing your priceless thoughts!”—Jackie Lapin, Author of the international bestseller Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires.

Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones has spent the best part of his life observing and studying exceptional individuals and their behaviors.  He has honed and polished those ponderings into succinct, memorable truths which inspire, provoke and motivate.  Any seeker will find a wonderful mirror in Dr. Alvin’s Book of Ponderations.”—Mary Anne Radmacher, Artist, Author

In the distillation process of thought many great one-liners are born.  Profound, provocative, inspirational, encouraging and quite simply refreshing from all perspectives are the distillations of Dr. Alvin’s Book of Ponderations. More than a meal awaits you in the food for thought that you will find in this gem of distillations.” Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA  New York Times Bestselling Author of Choices and Illusions

“Dr. Alvin is one of my all-time favorite talk show hosts to be interviewed by, as he is always full of wisdom and wit, insight and inspiration!  I’m delighted to have this book so that I can get a taste of his positive energy and encouragement any time I want!”—Shannon Ethridge, M.A. International Speaker, Certified Life coach, and Best-Selling Author of the Every Woman’s Battle Series

Dr. Alvin’s chapter on friendship aligns with many of the laws of likability.  His Ponderations make you think and be thoughtful. “   Michelle Tillis Lederman – Author, The 11 Laws of Likability: Relationship Networking… Because People Do Business With People They Like

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