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Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide To The World’s Hidden Wonders By Ella Morton chats with Dr. Alvin

ella-morton It's time to get off the beaten path. Inspiring equal parts wonder and wanderlust, Atlas Obscura celebrates over 700 of the strangest and most curious places in the world. Talk about a bucket list: here are natural wonders—the dazzling glowworm caves in New Zealand, or a baobob tree in South Africa that's so large

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How to Build a Museum: Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture By Tonya Bolden chats with Dr. Alvin

tonya-bolden-museum Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture is truly groundbreaking! The first national museum whose mission is to illuminate for all people, the rich, diverse, complicated, and important experiences and contributions of African Americans in America is opening. And the history of NMAAHC--the last museum to be built on the National Mall--is

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The President’s Butler By Laurence Leamer chats with Dr. Alvin

laurence-leamer-butler “A kind of master tutorial in the nuances of American class...This work is an impressively inventive tale, with considerable wisdom to boot. A fictional dramatization of America’s current presidential race, skillfully rendered.” --Kirkus Review Just in time for the election, The President’s Butler will make you laugh out loud about politics. You’ll join Vincent

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DrAlvin.com Welcomes The Mahler’s Second 10th Anniversary Classical Celebration With The Nashville Symphony From 9/22 to 9/24

dave-felipe-mahlers-second PERFORMERS Nashville Symphony Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor Nicole Cabell, soprano Michelle DeYoung, mezzo-soprano Nashville Symphony Chorus PROGRAM Schermerhorn – Jubilee: A Tennessee Quilting Party for Orchestra Mahler – Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection” Mahler's epic Symphony No. 2 offers a resounding testament to the endurance of the human spirit, with some of the composer's most dramatic

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Democracy’s Lawyer: Felix Grundy of the Old Southwest (Southern Biography Series) By J. Roderick Heller III chats with Dr. Alvin

j-roderick-heller A central political figure in the first post-Revolutionary generation, Felix Grundy (1775-1840) epitomized the "American democrat" who so famously fascinated Alexis de Tocqueville. Born and reared on the isolated frontier, Grundy rose largely by his own ability to become the Old Southwest's greatest criminal lawyer and one of the first radical political reformers in

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The Land Was Ours: How Black Beaches Became White Wealth In The Coastal South By Andrew W. Kahrl chats with Dr. Alvin

Andrew Kahrl The coasts of today's American South feature luxury condominiums, resorts, and gated communities, yet just a century ago, a surprising amount of beachfront property in the Chesapeake, along the Carolina shores, and around the Gulf of Mexico was owned and populated by African Americans. Blending social and environmental history, Andrew W. Kahrl tells

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The Games: A Global History Of The Olympics By David Goldblatt chats with Dr. Alvin

David Goldblatt The definitive sports and social history of the modern Olympic games―by a New York Times best-selling sportswriter. For millions of people around the world, the Summer and Winter Games are a joy and a treasure, but how did they develop into a global colossus? How have they been buffeted by―and, in turn, affected

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All Tomorrow’s Parties: A Memoir By Rob Spillman chats with Dr. Alvin

Rob Spillman Rob Spillman—the award-winning, charismatic cofounding editor of the legendary Tin House magazine—has devoted his life to the rebellious pursuit of artistic authenticity. Born in Germany to two driven musicians, his childhood was spent among the West Berlin cognoscenti, in a city two hundred miles behind the Iron Curtain. There, the Berlin Wall stood

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Chain Of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street’s Great Foreclosure Fraud By David Dayen chats with Dr. Alvin

David Dayen In the depths of the Great Recession, a cancer nurse, a car dealership worker, and an insurance fraud specialist helped uncover the largest consumer crime in American history—a scandal that implicated dozens of major executives on Wall Street. They called it foreclosure fraud: millions of families were kicked out of their homes based

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In Search of Mary: The Mother of all Journeys By Bee Rowlatt chats with Dr. Alvin

Bee Rowlatt Toddler in tow, Bee Rowlatt embarks on an extraordinary journey in search of the life and legacy of the first celebrity feminist: Mary Wollstonecraft. From the wild coasts of Norway to a naked re-birthing in California, via the blood-soaked streets of revolutionary Paris, Bee learns what drove her hero on and what's been