My Conversation With Greg Sargent, Author Of An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy In An Age Of Trumpian Disinformation And Thunderdome Politics

Click Here To Listen Greg Sargent In An Uncivil War, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent sounds an urgent alarm about the deeper roots of our democratic backsliding—and how we can begin to turn things around between now and 2020. American democracy is facing a crisis as fraught as we’ve seen in decades. Donald Trump’s presidency has raised the specter of authoritarian rule. Extreme polarization and the scorched-earth war between the parties drags on with no end in sight. The recent Kavanaugh confirmation hearings are only the latest example of this, and of the GOP’s continued ability to steamroll the Democrats and their supporters. At the heart of this dangerous moment is a paradox: It took [...]

My Conversation With Salena Zito, Author Of The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics

Click Here To Listen Salena Zito Standout syndicated columnist and CNN contributor Salena Zito, with veteran Republican strategist Brad Todd, reports across five swing states and over 27,000 miles to answer the pressing question: Was Donald Trump's election a fluke or did it represent a fundamental shift in the electorate that will have repercussions--for Republicans and Democrats--for years to come. The history of the American electorate is not a litany of flukes; instead it is a pattern of tectonic plate-grinding, punctuated by a landscape-altering earthquake every generation or so. Donald Trump's electoral coalition is smashing both American political parties and its previously impenetrable political news media.The political experts called the 2016 election wrong and in [...]

Benn Steil, Author Of The Marshall Plan: Dawn of the Cold War Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Benn Steil-The Marshall Plan The award-winning author of The Battle of Bretton Woods reveals the gripping history behind the Marshall Plan—told with verve, insight, and resonance for today. In the wake of World War II, with Britain’s empire collapsing and Stalin's on the rise, US officials under new secretary of state George C. Marshall set out to reconstruct western Europe as a bulwark against communist authoritarianism. Their massive, costly, and ambitious undertaking would confront Europeans and Americans alike with a vision at odds with their history and self-conceptions. In the process, they would drive the creation of NATO, the European Union, and a Western identity that continues to shape world events. [...]

Ronald Kessler, Author Of The Trump White House: Changing The Rules Of The Game Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Ronald Kessler-Donald Trump The unvarnished and unbiased inside story of President Donald Trump and his White House by New York Times bestselling author Ronald Kessler Based on exclusive interviews with the president and his staff, The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game tells the real story of what Donald Trump is like, who influences him, how he makes decisions, what he says about the people around him, and how he operates when the television lights go off, while portraying the inside story of the successes that have already brought solid results as well as the stumbles that have turned off even longtime supporters and undercut his agenda. The [...]

David Cay Johnston, Author It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What The Trump Administration Is Doing To America Chats On

Click Here To Listen David Cay Johnston The Trump administration is remaking the government. It's Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America tells us exactly how it is making America worse again. Bestselling author and longtime Trump observer David Cay Johnston shines a light on the political termites who have infested our government under the Trump Administration, destroying it from within and compromising our jobs, safety, finances, and more. No journalist knows Donald Trump better than David Cay Johnston, who has been following him since 1988. It's Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America goes inside the administration to show how the federal [...]

Steve Phillips, Author Of Brown Is the New White: How The Demographic Revolution Has Created A New American Majority Chats On

Click Here To Listen Steve Phillips-Brown Is The New White The New York Times and Washington Post bestseller that sparked a national conversation about America’s new progressive, multiracial majority, updated to include data from the 2016 election With a new preface and afterword by the author When it first appeared in the lead-up to the 2016 election, Brown Is the New White helped spark a national discussion of race and electoral politics and the often-misdirected spending priorities of the Democratic party. This “slim yet jam-packed call to action” (Booklist) contained a “detailed, data-driven illustration of the rapidly increasing number of racial minorities in America” (NBC News) and their significance in shaping our political future. Completely [...]

Cass R. Sunstein, Editor Of Can It Happen Here?: Authoritarianism in America Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Cass Sunstein Can It Happen Here With the election of Donald J. Trump, many people on both the left and right feared that America's 240-year-old grand experiment in democracy was coming to an end, and that Sinclair Lewis' satirical novel, It Can't Happen Here, written during the dark days of the 1930s, could finally be coming true. Is the democratic freedom that the United States symbolizes really secure? Can authoritarianism happen in America? Acclaimed legal scholar, Harvard Professor, and New York Times best-selling author Cass R. Sunstein queried a number of the nation's leading thinkers. In this thought-provoking collection of essays, these distinguished thinkers and theorists explore the lessons of history, [...]

NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading Women 2018: Talia Lomax-O’dneal

Talia Lomax-O'dneal was appointed Metro Director of Finance in October 2015, shattering two glass ceilings by becoming both the first woman and the first African American to occupy this post. As the Director of Finance, Talia has focused her efforts in four key areas: accountability, transparency, innovation and professional development. Among her proudest achievements is the Innovation Investment Fund which encourages collaborative, outcomes based private-public partnerships known as Public Investment Plans or PIPs. Whether helping the public better understand how the department works through a new Finance Foundations video series or engaging the community in the budgeting process with Balancing Act—Talia believes in empowering the Finance team to try new, innovative ways to make the [...]

WilliamsonBusiness.Com 100 Leading Women 2018: Lillian Campbell Stewart

Click Here To Listen Williamson Business 100 Leading Women Lillian Campbell Stewart As a lifelong resident of downtown Franklin and a sixth generation descendent of settlers of Franklin and Williamson County Tennessee, I attended Franklin Elementary School at Five Points and the Harpeth Hall School in Nashville for my high school years. I hold an undergraduate degree and a Masters of Teaching Arts degree in the French language from Vanderbilt University. After twenty years of teaching French at the high school and college level, I was elected and served one term as Alderman on the Franklin Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Thereafter I was elected Mayor and served one term from 1987-1989. I was an [...]

WilliamsonBusiness.Com 100 Leading Women 2018: Paula Harris

Click Here To Listen Williamson Business 100 Leading Women Paula Harris Paula E. Harris is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Barge Design Solutions, Inc., an architecture and engineering firm based in Nashville. Paula has been with the firm since 2001, guiding efforts in civic activities, strategic initiatives, proposal development, marketing materials, and public relations activities. She is also the Client Service Leader for Williamson County, City of Franklin, Town of Thompson’s Station, and Metro Nashville Government entities. Paula earned her Bachelor of Science Degree (magna cum laude) from Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, where she was a member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and was the recipient of the Engineering [...]