WilliamsonLeading: Renting An Exotic Or Luxury Car Is Good For Business By Karen Chronister

Not everyone finds an afternoon of golfing or hanging at a hip coffee shop the most conducive atmosphere for doing business. So, why not take your meeting on the road and rent an exotic car? Imagine rolling up in luxury and creating instant buzz. Pick up your out-of-town client to tour the town in style and comfort. This might just be the coolest way to show off Williamson County’s rolling countryside, quaint towns, historical and culinary spots. Perhaps the project you’re pitching is unusual, powerful, exciting, or fun. Yes, you can tell your client that; however, what if you maximize your impact and show it, too? Renting an exotic car is an innovative way to celebrate your team member valuable closing with an “All About You Day.” Or, maybe it’s time to scratch off an item off your own bucket list because you’ve hit a milestone in your career. No matter the reason, you won’t have to tell anyone you have impeccable taste, and you know how to take care of your clients, business partners, or employees. Be sure to look for rental company who will take the time to show you special features, like electronic shifting, how to avoid the curb with wider wheels, and how to experience the best ride. Exotic cars often pack a powerful punch, so getting knowledgeable advice for slowing down a muscle-bound car will acclimate you quickly. A tailored car should mean a tailored rental experience. One other word of advice: go for the extra insurance (if the rental company even gives you an option). Personal insurance and travel credit cards rarely cover “loss of use.” To translate in layman’s terms: if any damage occurs, your car insurance MAY cover those, but you’re usually on the hook for the days in the shop when the company is unable to rent the car to someone else. You can find exotic and luxury car rentals locally at these Williamson County businesses: Stokes Car Rentals (http://stokescarrentals.com) and Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise (https://exoticcars.enterprise.com/en/locations/nashville.html). Vroom! Vroom!

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