Williamson:Leading: Life And Career Coaches Help You Find Work/Life Balance By Karen Chronister

Business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with work/life balance—okay, often struggle with work/life balance. Is balance even attainable for start-ups, or for the growing or uncomfortably “stretched” business? Your normal means racking up endless hours, rarely taking time off, and wondering whether you’re headed in the direction of your goals…but, you’re heart-driven and persistent, bent on an idea, blazing a new path, or rerouting a multi-generational business. Entrepreneur work is exhausting, grueling, frantic, and, yes, exhilarating. So, how do you find the time and energy for the very real people in your life? How do you know whether you’re on your true career path? How do you live a whole life? Answering these kinds of [...]

Williamson:Leading: Business Amenities Make The Difference Between Three-Star And Five-Star Service By Karen Chronister

A wise business friend once asked me a question I now consider a cornerstone of best business practices: “What’s the difference between a three and five-star hotel?” The quick answer? The small amenities and services with the weary traveler in mind. With simple gestures of comfort, the traveler feels pampered—and it works. Business amenities are a savvy investment because the ROI is much greater than the cost: customer “feel-goods” enhance loyalty; small investments allow higher rates; enticing advertising content; distinct branding opportunities; and, “showing versus telling” marketing. Each industry has its own perks to offer its customers. Put yourself in your target demographic’s shoes and make the walk a bit easier for them. What does [...]

WilliamsonLeading: 7 Unusual Brand Advertising Options To Maximize And Stylize Your Business Exposure By Karen Chronister

Shelf-life and surprise, as well as problem-solving and fun, are smart advertising considerations when choosing promotional products. So are demographics, location, and strategic goals. Simply, how long will the object sporting your logo or slogan stick around as one of your branding platforms? A baseball hat, for instance, generally has a healthy life and might bob around the county embroidered with your logo for a long time, making it a solid choice. And, most people wear the same few baseball hats until they are in tatters, so, that’s a lot of miles on your investment. What about the element of surprise, joining or starting a trend, and striking an emotional cord? Could your advertising take [...]

WilliamsonLeading: 7 Rousing Breakfast Options For Your Next In-house Or On-Location Business Meeting By Karen Chronister

A meeting with breakfast is a great way to perk up your team on a work morning. From bacon to dainty pastries to a protein-packed plate, these Williamson County businesses offer some of the tastiest options so you can bring the breakfast party to your business—or take it on location! I’ve compiled a rousing list of seven catering options, based on a secret cross-sampling of locals-in-the-know and personal experience, so you can feed your flock, fellowship, and jump start the work flow. Your people will be grateful. Happy Breakfasting! 1. Catering & Events by Suzette http://www.cateringbysuzette.com/ 2. Daily Dish Cafe & Catering http://www.dailydishcatering.com/ 3. Merridee’s Breadbasket http://www.merridees.com/ 4. Olive 23 Catering https://olive23.com/home 5. Puckett’s Grocery [...]