Williamson:Leading: Business Amenities Make The Difference Between Three-Star And Five-Star Service By Karen Chronister

A wise business friend once asked me a question I now consider a cornerstone of best business practices: “What’s the difference between a three and five-star hotel?” The quick answer? The small amenities and services with the weary traveler in mind. With simple gestures of comfort, the traveler feels pampered—and it works. Business amenities are a savvy investment because the ROI is much greater than the cost: customer “feel-goods” enhance loyalty; small investments allow higher rates; enticing advertising content; distinct branding opportunities; and, “showing versus telling” marketing. Each industry has its own perks to offer its customers. Put yourself in your target demographic’s shoes and make the walk a bit easier for them. What does that look, feel, smell, taste, or sound like? Can you put your logo or slogan on it? Does it add a bit of fun to your pitch? What will your customer carry or wear around in front of more potential customers? Does it show who your business is without shouting to the rooftops? Don’t make your client ring the bell for more. Anticipate their needs and build your reputation for five-star service with amenities. Here’s a handpicked list that might help you use your imagination to achieve five-star status:

Bridget Mallek, Jon Ric International Massage & Wellness Spa: http://www.JonRicNolensville.Com
Arrington Winery: http://www.ArringtonVineyards.Com
Mignon Francois, The Cupcake Collection: 615-244-2900
Tim Earnhart, WERKSHOP: http://www.WerkShopBranding.Com
Vanderbilt Legends Club: http://www.LegendsClub.Com

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