Williamson:Leading: Life And Career Coaches Help You Find Work/Life Balance By Karen Chronister

Business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with work/life balance—okay, often struggle with work/life balance. Is balance even attainable for start-ups, or for the growing or uncomfortably “stretched” business? Your normal means racking up endless hours, rarely taking time off, and wondering whether you’re headed in the direction of your goals…but, you’re heart-driven and persistent, bent on an idea, blazing a new path, or rerouting a multi-generational business. Entrepreneur work is exhausting, grueling, frantic, and, yes, exhilarating. So, how do you find the time and energy for the very real people in your life? How do you know whether you’re on your true career path? How do you live a whole life? Answering these kinds of [...]

John Thalheimer On The Top 5 Mistakes Leaders Make

Top 5 Mistakes Leaders Make-John Thalheimer Presentation Overview: The Top Mistakes Leaders Make As a leader are you achieving the results you want for your business? Whether you are a small business owner, solo entrepreneur, corporate executive or first-time manager, our behavior impacts how we get results. The most successful people in the business world, are those individuals who are willing to listen to external feedback and make changes to their behaviors to improve their performance. In this presentation, John Thalheimer – The Leadership Guide discusses the Top Mistakes Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them. He uses examples from his own life and those of successful people he has worked with to guide us [...]