NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Dr. Adrienne R. Battle

Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading African Americans Dr Adrienne R Battle Dr. Adrienne Battle currently serves as a Community Superintendent for Metro Nashville Public Schools. Her primary responsibility is supporting all PreK-12 schools in the Southeast Quadrant and all MNPS high schools. Prior to being appointed a Community Superintendent, Dr. Battle served in many capacities as a professional educator. Her tenure includes serving as an Executive Lead Principal, Executive Principal, Network Lead Principal, Curriculum Principal, Teacher, Adjunct Professor at Tennessee State University and University of Phoenix. Dr. Battle has a proven track record of facilitating quality learning experiences for students and families across Davidson County. One of her most recent successes as [...]

NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Dr. Damon R. Cathey

Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading African Americans Dr Damon Cathey Dr. Damon Cathey serves as Community Superintendent of the Northeast Quadrant, overseeing all schools located within the Stratford, McGavock and Maplewood clusters. Dr. Cathey’s 21-year career includes time spent as a teacher, consultant and administrator. Prior to returning to MNPS, Dr. Cathey consulted with Tribal Education, he worked as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction in Kingsport City Schools. In this role, Damon supervised curriculum implementation K-12 and led the district improvement journey - moving toward non-negotiable goals for student achievement and classroom instruction, providing embedded professional development in literacy and mathematics K-12, and formalizing the use of research-based instructional strategies in [...]

NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Isaac Y. Addae

Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading African Americans Isaac Addae Isaac Y. Addae is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration in the College of Business at Tennessee State University. From a research perspective, Isaac focuses on traditional and social entrepreneurs and their use of social networks in the process of opportunity recognition. His dissertation, “Illuminating the social entrepreneurship process: A social networks and stakeholder perspective,” examines the role of individual and network characteristics in the formation and growth of social ventures. Isaac has published his work in multiple research outlets, and has presented his research at numerous academic conferences such as the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. While his teaching efforts are primarily concentrated [...]

WilliamsonBusiness.Com 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Dr. Arnita Rena Hall, Ed.D.

Click Here To Listen Williamson Business 100 Leading African Americans Dr Arnita Rena Hall Ed D Dr. Hall has been a leading innovator in the educational arena for the past twenty-five years; holding positions in higher education, nonprofit management and within the federal government. Dr. Hall is the owner of Together We Can Consultants an Educational Consulting Company, the Executive Director of Grace M. Eaton Early Learning Center and an Adjunct Faculty member at Columbia State Community College. The programs under her purview are highly interactive and based upon a broad compendium of experimental and research approaches. Dr. Hall received a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, a Masters of Education [...]

WilliamsonBusiness.Com 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Rochelle Wright

Click Here To Listen Williamson Business 100 Leading African Americans Rochelle Wright Rochelle Wright is a proud mother, wife, entrepreneur and successful business woman residing in Franklin, TN. She was born and raised in the heart of the Mississippi Delta – Home of the Blues, Greenville, MS. Mrs. Wright is the eldest of five children born to the late Olivia Dukes and Andre Dukes. She attended Jackson State University and later transferred to Bradley University in Peoria, IL where she graduated and obtained a degree in Elementary Education/Health Science. In January of 2000, Rochelle moved to Tennessee with her husband, Shedrick Wright and their two beautiful children Shedrick Wright Jr. and Kenedi Wright due to [...]

WilliamsonBusiness.Com 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Dr. Shanna L. Jackson

Click Here To Listen Williamson Business 100 Leading African Americans Dr Shanna Jackson Dr. Shanna Jackson serves as the Associate Vice President of the new Williamson Campus for Columbia State Community College.  As COO of the Williamson Campus, Jackson provides oversight for facilities, programming, services and community engagement. Prior to this role Jackson served as the Dean of Extended Services for the college providing leadership for the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and the Clifton, Lawrenceburg, Lewisburg and Williamson County campuses.  Jackson also has administrative academic responsibility for the Commercial Entertainment, Film Crew Technology and Hospitality Management programs. Jackson began her career in manufacturing working for The Pillsbury Company and General Mills. Her 20 [...]

Rachel Renee Russell, Author Of Dork Diaries 12: Tales From A Not-So-Secret Crush Catastrophe Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Rachel Renee Russell Dork Dairies 12 Nikki Maxwell’s adventures continue in the twelfth installment in the blockbuster #1 New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series! In Nikki Maxwell’s newest diary, it’s the countdown to the end of the school year, and Nikki’s juggling some big questions about how she’ll spend her summer. She’s also facing an unexpected crush catastrophe—there’s a new kid interested in Nikki, but the last thing she wants to do is accidentally hurt Brandon! It all comes down to a big decision Nikki has to make, and drama like she’s never faced before!

Laurie Pickard, Author Of Don’t Pay For Your MBA: The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way To Get The Business Education You Need Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Laurie Pickard Who needs a mountain of debt? Each year, the nation's top business schools are flooded with applications from people eager to pursue their MBA dreams. But those aspirations come at a steep price. According to U.S. News and World Report, the average debt load for graduates of NYU's Stern School of Business, MIT's Sloan School of Management, and other top business schools exceeds $100,000. Like most, author Laurie Pickard couldn't shoulder that. But she faced a dilemma: despite two degrees and a Peace Corps stint, she needed a business education to land her dream job in international development. She decided to take her education into her own hands, and [...]

Brian Dear, Author Of The Friendly Orange Glow: The Untold Story Of The PLATO System And The Dawn Of Cyberculture Chats On DrAlvin.Com

Click Here To Listen Brian Dear At a time when Steve Jobs was only a teenager and Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t even born, a group of visionary engineers and designers—some of them only high school students—in the late 1960s and 1970s created a computer system called PLATO, which was light-years ahead in experimenting with how people would learn, engage, communicate, and play through connected computers. Not only did PLATO engineers make significant hardware breakthroughs with plasma displays and touch screens but PLATO programmers also came up with a long list of software innovations: chat rooms, instant messaging, message boards, screen savers, multiplayer games, online newspapers, interactive fiction, and emoticons. Together, the PLATO community pioneered what we [...]

Real Talk With Dr. Valencia Campbell: Justice Does Not Have to Be Slow Chats With Dr. Alvin

Click Here To Listen Dr Valencia Campbell-Justice Does Not Have to Be Slow