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This delightful gift set comprises all three books in the Giggles and Joy series – Giggles and Joy, You Are Loved and Being You.

With their valuable spiritual life lessons, entertaining rhymes and beautiful illustrations, these books are ideal for all children aged 2-10 years. For a birthday, holiday or special occasion, the Giggles and Joy Gift Set is a perfect present.

The books are ‘spiritual’ in that they focus on nurturing a child’s spirit with love, optimism, humor, honesty and common sense. They are not for or against any religion and co-exist beautifully next to any and all spiritual beliefs.

All three books are designed to help children navigate the most important aspects of their lives including:

Kindness, gratitude, compassion, telling the truth, taking a deep breath, having a bad day, home, prayer, Planet Earth, emotions such as being sad or mad, love, courage, grown ups, adventure, self-belief, diversity, beauty, compassion and their physical body.

Reading these books is an opportunity to add some light to this world and to all the children who are eager to be reminded of their perfection, their limitless nature and their inherent goodness.

They are for anyone who may be actively pursuing a spiritual path themselves and who wants some assistance helping their child not lose touch with their spiritual connection.

Giggles and Joy, You Are Loved and Being You, have delightful illustrations that have a lasting effect on any child’s mind.

Positive, uplifting children’s books
Great for parents, grandparents, teachers, godparents, friends, care givers of all kinds
Ideal addition to the classroom and library
Perfect gift idea

The books are also sold individually and are available on Kindle.