Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start An Epic Business, And Score The Life You Want By Daniel DiPiazza Chats With Dr. Alvin

Daniel DiPiazza The Only Guide You Need to Stop Wasting Your Potential and Create a Kickass Career You Care About Daniel DiPiazza, the young founder of the massively popular, was once a typical twentysomething, logging mind-numbing hours at low-paying jobs in hopes of moving up. Then it hit him: This doesn’t have to be my life. Now twenty-eight, DiPiazza has launched multiple successful businesses with zero startup capital—simply by identifying and monetizing his skills into a career and life he loves. And with this book, so can you. Rich20Something is not some boring spiel on “paying your dues”; it’s about hustle. Instead of inching your way up the traditional career ladder, DiPiazza teaches you [...]

The Citizen’s Share: Reducing Inequality In The 21st Century By Joseph Blasi chats with Dr. Alvin

Joseph Blasi-Citizen Click Here To Listen One approach to wealth and income inequality is to expand the ownership of capital and a share in the profits to every worker in every workplace.  The idea of workers owning the businesses where they work is not new. In America’s early years, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison believed that the best economic plan for the Republic was for citizens to have some ownership stake in the land, which was the main form of productive capital. This book traces the development of that share idea in American history and brings its message to today's economy, where business capital has replaced land as the source of wealth creation. Based on [...]

Prosperity In The Age of Decline: How to Lead Your Business And Preserve Wealth Through The Coming Business Cycles By Alan Beaulieu chats with Dr. Alvin

Alan Beaulieu Click Here To Listen Alan Beaulieu is a principal and the President of ITR Economics™. Alan is also the senior economic advisor to a variety of U.S. and European trade associations. He is the keynote speaker at corporate and trade association meetings worldwide where he provides a clear economics forecasts and proven profit-enhancing strategies to businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Alan’s knowledge and expertise are in great demand, as evidenced by his extremely busy calendar that includes 120 speaking engagements a year.

Steve Forbes, author of Money chats with Dr. Alvin

Steve Forbes-Money Click Here To Listen Money is an unavoidable subject that few of us really understand, and, according to former Forbes magazine editor-in-chief Steve Forbes, our lack of comprehension of what's behind it could threaten the health of the global economy. In what is certain to be a much-discussed and widely controversial book, he argues that the most effective way to truly stabilize international financial markets is to put the dollar back on a gold standard. A clarion call for a sound money policy.

Everyday Calculus: Discovering The Hidden Math All Around Us By Oscar Fernandez chats with Dr. Alvin

Oscar Fernandez Click Here To Listen For every befuddled math student who’s ever sat in class and thought, “When am I ever going to use this?” Fernandez, assistant professor of mathematics at Wellesley College, gleefully reveals the truth: the world really does run on math. He takes a day-in-the-life approach to his subject: getting out of bed introduces trigonometry and how it can be used to describe and predict sleep cycles, while water running from a faucet allows him to address gravity and how its influence shapes motion into parabolic curves. The morning news leads to derivatives and how they can chart unemployment rates and population growth. A stray thought during a morning meeting stirs [...]