NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Renita Joy Jackson Perkins

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Renita Joy Jackson Perkins was born in Nashville Tennessee. She is a product of Metro Nashville Public Schools. She graduated with honors. She received her Masters in Administration and Supervision, as well as an Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S) all from Tennessee State University. Currently, she is scheduled for completion of her doctorate degree in May of 2019.

Renita Perkins is married to Chancelor Russell T. Perkins. They have four well established, thriving adult children, all products of Metro Nashville Public Schools. A Reading Specialist that works for Metro Nashville Public School, a Nurse, a Veterinarian and a Businessman and she has eight beautiful grandchildren.
Renita Perkins is a dedicated passionate, and conscientious educator. She strives for excellence in all that she does. She believes that whatever strength or ability one has been blessed with, they should practice that, with all your might. Through hard work and perseverance, she has served with distinction as Principal of Cumberland, Chadwell and presently Taylor Stratton Elementary, where President Obama visited, July 1, 2015. She has taken schools that were troubled and gave them promise. Her success has not only been in academics, but she has created a cultures of pride, dignity and love in the schools where she serves. Her vision is to create in every child, the hope for a better tomorrow and success for today. She creates a learning environment where children, their parents and the educators are allowed to be risk takers. They are given opportunities and encouraged to dream big dreams and pathways are created for those dreams to become a reality.

Renita Pekins believes that miracles still happen, and the children, parents and teachers at Taylor Stratton “School of Excellence” are evidence of just that!!

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