Kim Rocco Shields

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Kim is a talented and controversial filmmaker, Kim Rocco Shields of Genius Pictures, has a multiple-award-winning viral short Love Is All You Need which has garnered over 30 million hits on YouTube and is about to become a full-length feature film. The concept of the film follows the life of an ordinary heterosexual girl who is bullied in a world where everyone is gay. Imagine a world where gay is straight and straight is gay. Challenging our current conception of the terms “gay” and “straight,” this controversial film, written and directed by Shields, not only reverses the meaning of the terms but addresses the social and cultural prejudices that emerge with hate and bullying.


While the point of the film is to spread the message of anti-bullying, there has been significant fall out as a result of this film. One of the teachers at a school in Florida showed the film and almost was fired because of it. They were going to have a board meeting to fire him but the director of the film, Kim Rocco Shields, showed up and the meeting was cancelled. Now the principal of that same school is in danger of being fired for letting Kim on the school grounds and was just indicted by the state board of Tallahassee for having Kim on campus (even though Kim is a professional, Award-winning filmmaker that lectures at schools and universities on a regular basis.)


Kim spoke to some people in the education system here in LA and they said this is a HUGE human rights violation. The high level educators are in an outrage about this and feel that Kim’s film should be a learning tool in ALL classrooms. Former LA superintendent and Dean of USC School of Educations are a few of Kim’s supporters. Some of these educators are researching how they can help since the school is not unionized in Florida