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The tips, tricks and support you need to survive stepmotherhood

You’ve met the partner of your dreams and have gotten your happily ever after, but now you’ve taken on a new role: stepmom. And you have no idea what you signed up for. Or maybe you’ve been a stepmom for a while now, but things are getting you down. Who do you turn to for help? Where is the stepmothering support group that’ll give you the advice you need? Who actually gets how hard being a stepmom can be?

We do. We are the women who have chosen stepmotherhood and lived to tell the tale. This guide holds our solutions to help you:

Brave the crazy ex demands
Overcome the financial hurdles of a blended family
Be prepared for the legal battles and custody arrangements
Handle disrespectful children
Nourish your relationship
Manuever the emotional breakdowns of stepmotherhood
Build your own stepmom’s club
Understand why you need your partner to have your back

Written by stepmoms for stepmoms, these tips, anecdotes, and words of advice will help you find success and support within your new family.

We are the Stepmoms’ Club― your club― and we’re here to help you.