NashvilleBusiness.Net: 100 Leading Persons In Personal Services, Food & Hospitality Recipient 2018: Justin Tyus

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I grew up in a household that was deeply rooted in the golden rule and serving other people first. To that end, the hospitality industry has always felt right to me; a natural fit. In 2010, I started my career as a bellman with no previous experience in hospitality.

Since that time, I have worked in most disciplines of hotel/resort operations to include Front Office, Housekeeping and
Food & Beverage departments. What I did not learn in a classroom setting was learned through real-life experiences,
relationships and old-fashioned trial and error. My educators were those who were setting the expectations at the property and corporate levels (GMs, Directors, Managers, etc.) while grooming me to be the best me. I have been cross-trained in this multifaceted industry and have applied myself in each discipline, which has in return given me a
working knowledge of operations that can only be learned from the inside out.

I genuinely value relationships, both personal and professional, and take pride in all that I set out to do and accomplish. I am a firm believer that success comes from hard work, learning your mistakes and having a good sense of humor.

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