Carly Fiorina

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The New Face of Feminism

For decades feminists have made their mark in unconventional ways and charted paths that their fore-bearers could not have imagined. Feminism today is no longer viewed through a singular lens, but rather through the collective efforts to empower women to achieve success, however they define it. How are new generations channeling their power and influence to impact the global dialogue? Meet the women who are shaping the new dynamics of feminism for the next decade and beyond.
Khalida Brohi, Founder & Executive Director, Sughar Empowerment Society
Felicity Huffman, Actress & Founder,
Diane von Furstenberg, Founder & Co-Chairman, DVF Studio LLP
Maysoon Zayid, Actress, Comedian, and Writer, NYAACF
Moderator // Carly Fiorina, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Carly Fiorina Enterprises