WilliamsonBusiness.Com: 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Derwin Jackson

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Derwin Jackson has been the President/CEO of the Franklin Housing Authority since 2008. As President/CEO, Jackson has added valuable programs for residents, such as the Residents Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) program and the Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program, as well as a scholarship program for FHA youth.

On the housing side, he directed the development of a Master Housing Plan to redevelop or rehabilitate FHA’s almost 300 units of public housing. The first phase was completed with the opening of the $8.5 million Reddick Senior Residences in 2013, a 48-unit elderly residence. The second phase was completed with the opening of the $14.3 million Reddick Street Apartments in 2016, a 65-unit family community. Both projects were built through public-private partnerships.

On the horizon for Jackson and the FHA are several projects, including the completion of the $1.4 million renovation of 22 units at Park Street, the $5.7 million renovation of 64 units at Spring Street and Johnson Circle, and the $17.7 million demolition and new construction of 100 units at Cherokee Place. In addition, construction will begin shortly on a second 48-unit elderly residence, the $9.4 million Chickasaw Senior Community, as well as a home ownership project at Chickasaw Place.

Prior to joining the FHA, Jackson was the Executive Director of the Meridian Housing Authority where he oversaw the implementation of a Hope VI grant and the redevelopment of the public housing portfolio. He also spent over 7 years with the Memphis Housing Authority as the Director of Internal Audit and Manager of Housing Services.

Jackson holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master’s in Public Administration.

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