My Conversation With Will Herman, Co-Author Of The Startup Playbook: Founder-To-Founder Advice From Two Startup Veterans

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Nine out of ten startups fail.

It s the statistic most frequently ignored by first-time entrepreneurs because they think their idea is better, their target market is bigger, or they ll just work harder than those that will fail.

But, simply having a better idea, bigger market and working harder isn’t enough. What every entrepreneur needs is a fast track to the wisdom and experience gained from building successful companies: the tips, secrets, advice, and even shortcuts that make other companies successful.

In The Startup Playbook, the authors share their years of combined knowledge gleaned from building and leading companies to help you make the right decisions to keep your company growing and out of the startup graveyard.

Featuring proven and repeatable tactics for refining your idea, team-building, raising money, developing a product or service, and more, this book is the essential guide containing everything you need to know as you take the journey from idea to successful startup.

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