“This new movement that you have created in Nashville and other areas/communities has provided many things to many different entrepreneurial minds. Hope and direction for some, acknowledgement for commitment and sacrifice for others; continued blessing to you and DrAlvin.Com.”

Angela Mitchell Hill

NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading African Americans 2018 Recipient: Angela Mitchell Hill

Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading African Americans Angela Mitchell Hill With over 20 years of experience, Angela Mitchell Hill maintains her mission to educate and empower through a unique culture and industry methodology that inspires and assist thousands in achieving their goals. A skilled speaker and teacher, she provides education and empowerment to manicuring and cosmetology schools, students and professionals. Angela serves on educational boards, mentors, employs, writes and consults. Many lives have been positively impacted by her knowledge, experience and insight. In addition to being a mother, tenured airport concessionaire and entrepreneur, she supports various nonprofits, social enterprises and community/small business development initiatives. In the words of Ms. Mitchell Hill, "Faith, [...]