Click Here To Listen Nashville Business 100 Leading Persons In Hospitality Meghan Michel

My first job was a barista at a local coffee shop when I was 15. I have been hooked on the hospitality industry ever since. Throughout my life I have worked as a host, cashier, server, bartender, lead trainer, “fill-in” cook, banqueter and manager. Currently, I am a Manager of Real Estate for Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores, Inc. While I definitely enjoy the travel component, the best part of my job is that, if I do my job well, I help to create 200 jobs in every community that we go in. That is a feeling like no other, to be part of something so much bigger than your self and bring joy and opportunity to those around you.

As a staff member in restaurants I quickly identified my self as a leader, became a trainer for new hires. Then, a Lead Trainer. Not only training those in my restaurant how to train new hires. But training Lead Trainers in other restaurants how to teach their teams how to train new hires. The teachings didn’t stop there. As a Manager, I helped 5 people get promotions. Working with them to develop their skill sets and move forward in their careers.

Just as the teachings never stopped the learning didn’t either. In 2014, I went back to school and obtained a Masters in Real Estate Development from Auburn University. A program I still very involved with today. My goal was to stay in the hospitality industry and help identify potential sites. Today, I do just that.