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Recently featured on Black Enterprise, Madame CJ Walker’s Legacy Foundation, Women on Topp Magazine and the Cool Soror Podcast, Mrs. Chandria Harris is committed to helping young professionals understand who they are and how they would like to impact the world.

Committed to training and developing young professionals to become exceptional leaders in the workplace, Chandria is an adult learning, change manage and skill building young professionals performance coach who excels in creating programs and opportunities to unleash young talent potential.

Chandria Harris, AskChantheHrLady, is a leading young professional performance consultant. She consults businesses on recruitment and retention and train and develop young professionals for universities and non-profit organizations. She conducts workshops, seminars, serves on panels and as a Keynote speaker for universities, organizations and businesses.

She holds a Master degree in Counseling/Psychology, a Certification in Public Administration, Global Career Development Facilitator, Certified Career Services provider, and a Bachelor degree in Social Science.

Chandria has served in human resources and higher education for 5 years. Her experience covers a wide array of student services including counseling and career services. She brings a unique outlook to corporate recruiting and higher education by interrupting dated programs and strategically identifies wins for young talent and companies.

Areas Expertise:
(1) Developing experiential learning programs etc.. Internships, job shadowing
(2) Career & Life Motivational Speaker
(3) Career Development Consultant
(4) Career Branding and Marketing Strategist