Bob Taylor
Bob Taylor

Covenant Technology
5016 Spedale Court #247
Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174
Phone: (615) 873-2944
Fax: (866) 353-1801
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm

Our Core Values

Covenant Technology Core Values is who we are. Covenant Technology’s five core values describe who we are as a company. We drafted these together; so they are as important to each of us individually as they are to our leadership.

1. Integrity – To us it means being truthful, honorable and self-controlled as a person. Each team member is judged by this high standard. It means we can trust each other to do what’s right. So you can trust us to do what’s right.

2. Professionalism – This speaks both to our demeanor with our customers and to the quality of work we do. We will always treat you with respect, and do the finest job we can.

3. Servant Heart – This is our attitude toward customer service. Every enquiry is important. Every person is important. And we will work until it’s right.

4. Communicator – Good communication means everyone understands. Most importantly, it means we listen. It means we want you to understand your products, so we spend as much time as you need to understand what you’re buying, and in training once it’s in place. It also means you’ll be able to get a hold of us, and receive the answer that you need as quickly as possible.

5. Innovative – This means creative, forward thinking. We make custom solutions that are built to grow with your business, and incorporate new technological advances. It means we’ll find a way to make your business systems do what you need them to do now, and in the future.
We Believe In Great Customer Service

We love this business. We believe that when you find something you’re good at, do it and be the best at it. We enjoy breaking down complicated technology into terms that are simple and easy to understand and implement into your field. Most of all, we enjoy helping our customers.

We take pride in working with you for a lifetime. With over 50 years of technology experience, here is where you can expect excellent service! Covenant Technology takes care of you, our customers, from the moment we meet. What exactly do we mean by that?

1. Sharing with you the benefits we offer because we want you to see how they can work for you.
2. Providing Quality Installation so you can hear you customer crystal clear.
3. A team who can answer technology questions with patience so you understand.
4. A team who will show you the entire “how-to process” of using your new system.
5. Any issues? We stand by you as long as you are with us.

Yes, at Covenant Technology, we are so passionate about excellent service that we want you to have the “gotta tell you about them” kind of experience.

Let’s say you are having lunch with a friend, family member, talking with a customer, or just at a networking event. And the topic of technology and telephone service some how appears in the conversation (and we know it will!), your customer or friend needs someone to install a state of the art system into their office. You will be able to exclaim, “Well, I know exactly the right company for you, Covenant Technology!”

And, that is the goal, plain and simple. You will receive such excellent service that you will not be able to keep it to yourself.
Let’s Get Started

We look forward to hearing from you today! Pick up the phone, send us an email, and let us know when we can set a time to connect with you.

Excellent Service is our Covenant. At Covenant Technology, our team strives for 100% customer satisfaction for all of our services and devices. Our installation is efficient, beautiful, and user friendly. We will make sure you not only have the latest technology, but understand how to use it.

Joann Dilbeck
Joann Dilbeck

Senior Project Manager
Our Telecom Solutions