Bryana Williams
Bryana Williams

The Growing Place Pediatrics
309 Patterson Drive
Columbia Tennessee 38401

Our Mission

We here at "The Growing Place" are a husband and wife team ready to lend our hands to the communities in and surrounding Nashville! Our goal, as reflected in our name, is growth: in skills, in success, and in accomplishments both large and small. We understand that the challenges facing each of our kiddos and their families are unique, and that our approach can subsequently be nothing less than personal. Supporting needs while highlighting strengths proves key to our belief system. As such, we pledge to use our strengths as individuals and as a team to help each and every child to find their own way to grow.

Who We Are

Bryana, our speech-language pathologist and co-founder, completed both her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Purdue University. She initially worked in the school systems in southern California where she gained a wide variety of therapy and assessment experience with preschoolers, elementary students, and high school and transition-age adults. She and Ben moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2014, where Bryana continued working with language, articulation, and fluency clients and completed her certification in the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol for feeding and oral motor intervention.

In September 2015, Bryana was introduced to Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) and Spelling to Communicate (STC) for students with Autism and other motor-sensory differences via an educational workshop. This approach has since become the focus of her professional career, and the highlight of her personal growth as a therapist. In addition to her work with private clients, she completed the HALO 4-day certification course in Soma Rapid Prompting Method in July 2016 as well as a semester-long internship with the Hirsch Academy in Decatur, GA to further her skills. She continues to pursue training and experience in this method so as to provide the highest quality support to the communities and families of central Tennessee.

Benjamin, our co-owner and company operations manager, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Business Administration from the State University of New York at Oswego. His professional background includes experience in technology sales, operational strategy, and planning and execution for corporate marketing teams. Personally, Ben grew up with a therapy mindset (his mother being a speech therapist) and looks forward both to supporting his wife and the wonderful communities of middle Tennessee as well as pursuing his own path as an STC-based provider with a focus in exercise science and functional movement.