Abbie Stofel
Abbie Stofel
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Marketing & Community Outreach Coordinator
3001 Reserve Boulevard
Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174

Bryant E. Hall, Sr.

President & CEO
MTN Universal
2000 Mallory Lane, Suite 130-363
Franklin, Tennessee 37067

Bryant is president and Chief Executive Officer of MTN Universal. While with MTN Universal, he has implemented a variety of different leadership initiatives such as Leadership Exercising Active Development (L.E.A.D.), Fear Not Be Weird (FNBW), and Next Level Leadership. Bryant is a graduate of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he received his B.S. in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

After graduating, Bryant launched his career with a prominent and progressive physical therapy company, STAR Physical Therapy. Six months after graduating, Bryant became Clinic Director at his first outpatient physical therapy clinic because of his exceptional leadership skills. That has led to a eleven-year partnership with STAR physical therapy, where he actively serves in positions such as Mentor, Physical Therapist, Director, and Medical Doctor Liaison. In these positions, he has been responsible for interviewing/hiring, performance reviews, budgeting, team management, coaching, training, compliance, productivity surveying, networking, customer service, workflow analysis, and more.

Bryant loves public speaking and writing. As a child, he watched and observed the dynamic impact his father made as a pastor through public speaking. At 16 years old, Bryant’s public speaking aspirations became a reality after his father allowed him to speak to an audience with a little over a hundred people. Bryant hasn’t looked back since. He has spoken at many venues to audiences of 10 to 5,000 on topics such as personal development, leadership, customer service, health care, spiritual guidance, etc. He has had the unique privilege of speaking to diverse groups including, but not limited to small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, medical doctors, educators, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, high school students, and college students. In regards to writing, he is a blogger and he consistently posts two to three times a week about topics that are close to his heart. He is also the author of The Power of I.F. (Intentional Focus) -- 8 Essential Words for Living Your Best Life and Are You B.A.D.? (Bound And Determined) -- The Art of Making Successful Things Happen.

Bryant Hall is also a valued member and certified coach, speaker, and trainer on the John Maxwell Team. After rigorous training with John Maxwell's well-recognized curriculum, Bryant is now certified to utilize John Maxwell's exclusive resources to add value to those leaders needing leadership development and/or enhanceme

Don Webb
Don Webb
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Williamson Medical Center
4321 Carothers Parkway
Franklin, Tennessee 37067

Dr. Ethan Kellum, MD
Dr. Ethan Kellum, MD
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125 Cool Springs Boulevard, Suite 240
Franklin, Tennessee 37067

Dr. Matthew Rupert
Dr. Matthew Rupert

Vertex Spine & Pain
100 Covey Drive, Suite 103
Franklin,Tennessee 37067


Dr. Rupert has an extensive history in both engineering and medicine. He received two engineering degrees from the University of Cincinnati. He was the first student in the College of Engineering to complete a full pre-med curriculum along with his core engineering credits, paving the way for a current dual admissions program. He competed in Track and Field and was also part of the University Honors program. His engineering accomplishments revolved around medical device development at the university and with medical device manufacturers. He has been intimately involved with the first live measurements of knee ligament forces during locomotion with the world-renowned Edward S. Grood and Frank R. Noyes.

Matt completed his Medical Doctorate at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. He started a surgical residency at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati and finished training in anesthesia at the University of Tennessee in Memphis.

Relevant Experience:

Dr. Rupert then completed an interventional pain management fellowship under the guidance of world-renowned Gabor Racz, famous for the Racz or Lysis of Adhesions procedure, at Texas Tech University. After finishing his fellowship, Dr. Rupert continued his training to include extensive certification in interventions, coding, compliance, practice management and opioid management (DABIPP). He has also trained through the World Institute of Pain to obtain the precious Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP #280).

Dr. Rupert worked for two years with Total Pain Care in Mississippi and then joined the rebirth of the Vanderbilt University pain management as an assistant professor. In order to expand his outreach into the community he founded Vertex Spine & Pain. He is very active in many societies on a local and a national level. His main interests revolve around taking complex pain problems and working deductively to finding a cause and developing a Pain Solution. Technical interests revolve around spinal neuromodulation and augmentation of fractures.

Mary Ross
Mary Ross
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Community Relations Counselor
347 Riverside Drive
Franklin, Tennessee 37064

Matt Martin
Matt Martin
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CleanBeyond Cool Springs
277 Mallory Station Road, Suite 116
Franklin, Tennessee, 37067

They’re Making the Franklin & Cool Springs Area Cleaner and Healthier than Ever!

The experts at CleanBeyond provide local customers with a deep-down clean that kills viruses and bacteria and removes allergens. Their commercial and residential cleaning services bring hospital - level clean to all types of homes and businesses in Williamson County.

They service:

Homes & Apartments
Health Care Facilities
Realtor Services
Nursing Homes & Assisted Living
Athletic Facilities
Offices & Government Buildings
Schools and Daycare Centers
Vet Hospitals, Pet Daycares & Kennels
Cars, Watercraft and Mass Transit Systems
And more!

Their combined services will help keep your spaces not only looking and feeling clean but also safe and disinfected. They use only non-toxic, non-corrosive products, and our cleaning methods are allergist and immunologist-approved. CleanBeyond has been called in for infection control and cleaning after major illnesses at school. Their cleaning solutions are even proven effective on the vast majority of “super bugs” and drug-resistant bacteria. In fact, their hospital-grade disinfectant kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses. Their services are ideal for illness prevention, allergen reduction, and simply providing a noticeable, superior feeling of clean.


Matt Martin brings a wealth of background experience to CleanBeyond with ten years of Automotive Aftermarket experience with the Dupont Co. and their line of chemicals and products. His expertise in cleaning processes and standards were developed during an additional 20 years in the pool maintenance business, all based on ensuring the health and safety of end-users and customers.

Matt is active in his local church and spends his personal time with his two daughters.