George Thomas
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Founder & President
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Nashville, Tennessee 37202-4056

About the Education Equal Opportunity Group (EEOG):

The purpose of the EEOG’s programs is to provide intensive academic instruction throughout the school year and summer months. They promote college and career readiness for at risk, high school students. For nearly 20 years, EEOG has invested in students, creating meaningful experiences and providing positive pathways for success. EEOG is a culturally diverse, non-profit organization centered in self-efficacy meeting the unmet needs of today's students. The organization’s programs provide students with a positive environment as part of the learning process and focuses on preparing emerging student leaders to become armed with a wealth of knowledge. Since its inception, the EEOG has assisted over 18,000 students through participation in internship programs, and preparation of skills for educational and career opportunities.

About George Thomas:

George Thomas is the Founder and President of the Education Equal Opportunity Group (EEOG), a 501c(3) organization. The EEOG has provided character, leadership and personal development training to high school students across Tennessee. George, a native of St. Louis, Mo., received his Bachelors of Business Administration at Tennessee State University. He has more than 20 years of experience in public service and has been nominated for various awards and recognition including selection as a leading community activist by the Future Ready Nashville campaign.George is involved in multiple organizations, serving as the Vice Chair of the Scholarship Committee for the Metropolitan Development Housing Agency (MDHA), board member for Prohealth Rural Healthcare, Chairman for the George Thomas Scholarship Fund and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

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Hollie Holt
Hollie Holt

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Parker Page
Parker Page
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Director Of Advancement
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