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Born and raised in the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas, I graduated from Springdale High School and attended the University of Arkansas. My first banking job was at a local bank, First National Bank of Springdale. I filled whatever spot they needed in my two years with the company. At the time, I wanted to be able to focus in on one area, but in hindsight now see how valuable it was to be able to learn each area of the bank and what their role is. It helped me to become a better partner in my future roles.

I moved to Nashville to finish my degree at Welch College. I graduated there in 1997 with a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.S. in Theology. When I got to Nashville a friend of mine had gone to a local bank to open an account. He called and told me about openings that the manager had told him about at the friendly Third. He thought since I had been in banking the openings might appeal to me and they did. I applied and join Third National Bank within the month. I went to work as a teller at the Woodbine Office while I finished my degree.

After graduation, SunTrust Bank (which had acquired Third National) offered me a fulltime job at the Woodbine Office. In total, I worked there for 9 years filling every role in the branch from teller to Branch Manager. I learned a lot from the Woodbine clients and neighbors some of whom I still bank today. I then was asked to move to manage the Belle Meade office at SunTrust. I spent 3 years at that office and enjoyed the team I led, and the clients that I got to know here as well. From there, I was asked to consider being an Area Manager, which with my first child on the way, thought it wise to accept. I spent the next 10 years in that role. I had the privilege of leading most all of the Middle Tennessee branches at some time during those ten year leading from 12 to 22 branches at any time. The teams I led had the opportunity to win all the awards that were given to branch banking at that time from SunTrust.

About six months ago, I had decided to explore other options to try and regain a better work/life balance. Now a husband and father of three, I put action to what I had said about which came first work or family. I had a great offer from Pinnacle Financial Partners which would let me do that and to continue to grow my career in Nashville Banking. Now working as a Financial Advisor, I am enjoying much needed balance, and also getting to work with many clients that I have now known for 20 years. It speaks loudly to the fact that banking is a relationship business.

I am the husband of 15 years of a beautiful lady, Jessica. Together we have three great kids, William (9), Sarah (7), and Jonathan (4). They are fantastic and teach me something every day. I am also firstly devoted to Christ, who through faith know as my Savior. I serve at our Church, Cross Timbers Free Will Baptist, as a deacon and teach an adult Sunday school class each week. I look forward to spending time with my family. I also enjoying reading biographies, quartet singing, traveling, and working out in the garden.

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