The Success Intersection: What Happens When Your Talent Meets Your Passion By Pat Williams

Pat Williams-The Success Intersection From the age of seven, Pat Williams's greatest passion was baseball. However, after two years in the minors, he had to admit it was not his greatest talent, and his career as a professional baseball player was at a dead end. But a phenomenally successful career in sports was just beginning. When he combined his passion for sports with his greatest talents--leadership, salesmanship, and promotion--he found his success intersection. "When your greatest talent intersects with your greatest passion," says Williams, "you have discovered your sweet spot in life." It's the spot that will result in the greatest personal success and satisfaction and the greatest impact on the world. Williams shows readers [...]

Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret: The Power Of A Lot Of Little Things Done Well by Pat Williams chats with Dr. Alvin

Pat Williams-Coach Wooden Click Here To Listen Now Pat Williams takes Coach Wooden's lesson, along with stories of people like Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and more whose lives have exemplified the importance of little things done well, and shows you how the small things you do or don't do drastically affect your integrity, reputation, health, career, faith, and success. Want to do your very best in life, family, work, and faith? Want to live a life of excellence that is worthy of emulation? This inspiring book will show you how it's done.