NashvilleBusiness.Net 100 Leading Women 2018: Sakalyah Bettina Thomas

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Bettina Thomas attended Rutgers University, majoring in Business/Finance. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and has demonstrated her ability to build and maintain several successful businesses in the Nashville Area. By doing so she has provided employment to many individuals, helping them to develop new skills or simply strengthen the talents they already poses.

Her next endeavor is the opening of Vege-licious Cafe. Specializing in preparing hearty, mouth-watering, home-style vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cuisine that is delicious enough to satisfy even the most skeptical omnivore. Comfort food is her specialty.

Bettina Thomas plans to open the doors in the spring, at a central location in North Nashville, right outside of downtown. She guarantees that from the first scrumptious bite to the last crumb on your plate, she will provide you with a memorable meal of the most tasty Vegan Selections in town. With over 20 years of Vegan, Vegetarian and Raw Food Prep expertise, she is dedicated to the satisfaction of her customers appetite and giving them a dining experience that will keep them coming back for more. She is committed to giving them meals that are both good for them and full of flavor, that will leave them energetic and renewed from the inside out.

Priding herself on providing affordable dining without sacrificing preparation or taste. Offering a number of lunch and dinner options that will satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling great. It will be a great spot to grab a quick bite or a long relaxing meal.

Bettina Thomas is a proud Nashvillian that is looking forward to serving the community and making Vege-licious Cafe the signature place to find great vegan and vegetarian food in the Nashville area!

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