NashvilleBusiness.Net: 100 Leading Women 2018: Meg Gregg

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Meg has more than 20 years of financial, operational and HR experience
spanning various industries including technology, marketing, real estate and
entertainment, working within a diverse range of business settings from large and
small agencies to corporations and startups.

Meg currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer at S3 Recycling Solutions,
the largest Nashville-based electronic recycler, where she oversees the day-today
warehouse logistics, HR and finance activities. She manages fiscal
operations including expense management, productivity, sustainability
processes, compliance, and is responsible for investor relations reporting to a
board of directors.

Meg’s independent, strategic and efficiency-minded personality prompted her to
flourish as an entrepreneur, having established two long-standing and successful
business ventures—that mix business with pleasure, and the right and left
brain—a recording studio and a bookkeeping agency.

Meg has a big heart for the “underdog,” continuously seeking out ways to help
provide stable jobs for individuals who are not college bound and aiding in
shaping working environments that build experience and trust for future

Likewise, her heart skips a beat for real dogs, especially those in-need where
she and her husband routinely fosters from the Humane Society as well as
independent rescue operations. Meg also volunteers her time to local
organizations including TN Environment Council and Napier Recreation Center
where she participates in educational events that often focus on recycling and ewaste
solutions along with community efforts throughout the year, especially
during the holiday season to provide helping hands. Plus, she stays abreast of
our nation’s issues, joining in the 2017 Women’s March on Washington in D.C.
When she’s not improving business processes, running financial analysis,
helping employees blend into the cultural fabric, or volunteering to create lasting
change, you can find Meg and her musician husband checking out the latest
indie bands in Music City’s hidden gems.

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