Click Here To Listen Williamson Business 100 Leading Women Debbie Greer Chamberlain

Debbie Greer Chamberlain is the Marketing and Sales Coordinator for Jon Sidwell of Farmington Mortgage. In her current position, she combines her talent of building strong and lasting relationships with her passion of motivating and encouraging others. Debbie believes the ultimate outcome of these relationships is to reach beyond the business deal and extend the relationship to a partnership of growth for all. Debbie encourages and works with those that possess integrity to themselves and those they work with.

Many know Debbie through her work with the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home (TBCH). It is there that Debbie and her siblings were dropped off to live at the age of 11. She accredits this unique upbringing as a contributing factor to her ability to relate and build relationships with people. The exceptional experience of living and growing up around over 100 different personalities as a young child through her teenage years had a huge impact on her compassion and quick understanding of people on a deeper level. Debbie has served on various committees, volunteered, raised funds, and has spoken on their behalf to raise awareness, secure much needed financing and to give back to a place she holds dear to her heart.

Debbie has been a resident of Williamson County since 1969. She attended Franklin High School and later attended Belmont University. She was licensed in 1986 as a Real Estate agent after holding a Sales Manager position with the Better Business Bureau. In 2006, Debbie switched over to the business side of Real Estate by building and managing The Appointment Desk as Director of Operations. Debbie has served faithfully in the following ways:

• Williamson County Association of Realtors (Elected to Board of Directors 2015-2018
• Trustee for Good Works Foundation (Secretary Treasurer) 2015-2015 (served as Chairperson 2017, serving as Past Chairperson 2018
• Grand Shindig for Kids (Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home) Committee 2014
• I Cared for One (Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home Committee) 2014 and 2015
• Friends of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital (Chairperson for Fund raiser (1998-2000)
• Chair for (Harpeth Academy) BGA Fundraising (1998-2000)
• Chairperson for Heritage Foundation Fundraising (2000)