Karen Chronister
Karen Chronister

Karen Leslie Chronister grew up in the rural, rolling hills of Pennsylvania along the Juniata River. She graduated Penn State University with a B.H. in Journalism and worked as a Public Relations Director, Language Arts Instructor, and Contractural Vol-unteer for World Vision, while raising two children. After opening The WordShop, where she takes a storytelling approach to marketing, Karen graduated from Spalding Univer-sity with an MFA in Writing (Fiction). A few years ago, Karen moved to her “wee writing cottage,” in Franklin, Tennessee. Now, she works, writes, travels, and adjuncts at Western Kentucky University.

As a Marketing Specialist at The WordShop: “You have a story to tell. Someone to reach. I build bridges, listen closely, and paint word pictures. The materials? Your Story. Your Voice. Fresh Ideas. Visuals. Compelling Content. Let’s create a clean, consistent, and conversational voice in your marketplace. This builds trust. And, I believe the right words cover the gap. When I help a dreamer (an individual, business owner or organi-zation) find the ones who need or want what he or she has to offer by painting a story in broad and fine strokes, that makes me happy.”

Fiction and Travel Writing Publications: Menda City Review, Bucket List Publications, BNT Touring Magazine, The Contributor, INSP (International Network of Street Papers), various trade magazines, and blogs.

Creative Writing & Travel Blog: www.karenchronister.com
The WordShop, Marketing & Business Writing: www.thewordshop.co

Karen Chronister
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