Liz Denning
Liz Denning

Owner, Business Development
Gamma Blast Studios
Video. Content. Creators.

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Randall K. Harp
Randall K. Harp

Creator In Chief
Chapel Hill Media
5016 Spedale Court #249
Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174

You know that you need to increase your engagement.

Perhaps your current online activities are only getting you so far in promoting your product or service. Social media and blogs are great, but you need content on those channels that will resonate with your target audience while boosting your own know-like-and-trust factor.
I can help you to emotionally engage your audience.

Video is a powerful medium. With simultaneous visual and audio content, a video promotion can familiarize your audience with your offering in a more personal way than text or images alone. A well-crafted video has the potential to increase your reputation and help your viewers to feel good about their pending purchase. Conversely, a do-it-yourself production may discredit your reputation, casting doubt upon the level of care that you commit toward other areas.

My experience has equipped me to write an effective script, produce attractive visuals to illustrate that message and to enhance the project’s emotional impact with moving, original music. My clients have been proud to show-off the finished promotions, becoming more confident in their own offerings. In short, the video promotions that I produce boost confidence and better reputations.
Let’s get started on bettering your reputation.

Prospects who watch a video are more than 60% more likely to make a purchase when that video effectively explains a product or service because it makes them more confident about what they are buying and who they are buying it from. Gaining that visual advantage doesn’t require you to hire a Hollywood movie studio. Combining my skills with the knowledge that you have of your own products/services, together we can create a cost-effective video promotion that you’ll be proud to display on your website and to promote on social media channels.